Take Me Fishing


If you have been reading my site you know by now I have been fishing all my life.  The phrase “take me fishing” is one that I Take me fishingremember saying over and over again as a young man.  Now that I’m older, I here my kids saying, “take me fishing”.  Well, it is usually, “Daddy, can we go fishing?”

To me fishing is more than a sport.  It’s a great way to connect with others.  There is something about getting outside in the fresh air.  Seeing the beauty of the water and the trees; its all very captivating.  Something I want to teach my kids is that life is more than just work and play.  It’s about enjoying this wonderful place called earth.  Part of enjoying life is getting outside and living it.

For me that means going fishing!  So next time your here someone say, “take me fishing”, don’t pass up the opportunity!

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Until Next Time, have fun on the water.


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