Places To Fish In Tulsa – Look What I Found!


Yesterday was my day off so I decided to look for some places to fish in Tulsa.  I live in Tulsa, OK so I’m always looking for a good place to go fishing.  I know there are some nearby lakes but I wanted to see if there was anything local I could take my kids to and actually catch some fish.  I found a couple places I like.  There are actually a lot of small lakes and ponds you can fish in here in Tulsa.  Here are a few:

  • Metcalf Pond at 11th and Mingoplaces to fish
  • Garden Ridge Pond – Near 47th and Garnett
  • Hunter Park Pond – 91st street between Yale and Sheridan.
  • Arkansas River.

I am venturing out this season to find great places to fish in my own town.  I’m trying to take my kids fishing on a regular basis and I would like to stay close to home.  I continue to look for local ponds and there are a lot if you just drive down riverside drive between Tulsa and Bixby.

I caught a nice bass yesterday.

nice bassYesterday was my day off so I decided to try some fishing.  I went over to Metcalf pond, it’s right off 11th street and highway 169.  There are a few ponds in that area near Mingo river.  Anyway, I just walked along the banks and fished with my favorite rooster tail spinner and just a few minutes after I got there, I caught myself a nice bass.  There are also crappie and catfish in the lake, so I plan on returning soon with my kids.

I found some sunfish across the street.

There is another pond across 11th street and there was no one fishing there so I thought I would try it out. sunfish and crappie I spent a couple hours over there.  I tried several casts with my spinners and I wasn’t catching anything.  So I tried some worms and I caught a crappie and 3 sunfish.  Not a bad day.  If you are in the Tulsa area you should try out some of these little lakes.  You won’t be disappointed.

Drop me a line and let me know of any good fishing places you have found in Tulsa or surrounding areas.

Until next time…

Gone Fishing!



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