Is Fishing Fun? Yes, Always Fun!

There are a few things to consider when you go fishing.  But for me the number one rule is HAVE FUN!  Someone asked me once, “is fishing fun?”  I thought you gotta be kidding me!  Fishing is ALWAYS fun.  I can’t remember a time I went fishing that I didn’t have fun.  I mean there are things that happen that may not be fun, but overall, I have fun.

It’s About The Adventure

For me fishing has always been about the adventure.  Sometimes just finding a pond or lake to fish in is half the fun.  I remember as a young boy I would Delaware Riverget my fishing pole and ride my bike around until I found a creek or a pond that I could fish in.  I would look for a place where trees were growing well and wander off into the woods looking for a creek.  Sometimes I would get lucky and find a wide spot full of some kind of fish.  Those were great times exploring and finding new places.

When I was a little older I would go out with my friends on their 12 foot aluminum boats on the Delaware River.  Sometimes the boat rides were quite exhilarating.  We didn’t always catch fish but we always had a good time.  One time we were out on the water and the sky started to get really dark.  We could see lightning in the distance and it was definitively time to head for shore!  The waves were really high and the boats were filling up fast with water.  Our little 4 horse power outboard motors were not getting the job done fast enough.  The rain was pouring down on us and we were getting a little scared.  It wasn’t too far to the banks and we could see a train standing still on the tracks.  We thought we could get to shore and take cover someplace near the train.  A larger boat spotted us and came to our rescue.  The boaters tossed us a rope and towed one of our little boats to the boat ramp safely.  My other friend was too suspicious and would not take help from a stranger.  So we left one person with him in his little boat and the rest of us went to shore with our new friends.  Fortunately, we all made it but I was glad we got the help from the other boater.  Even though it was a bit scary and we got all wet, we still had fun

The Fishing Is Great Too.

Don’t let me scare you away with the crazy adventures.  Fishing itself is a lot of fun.  Learning how to cast your line in the water and waiting in anticipation for that first bite is really fun.  For small kids it can be a little boring if the fish are not biting but being outside makes it a lot better.  Once you see your bobber go under that first time though, you will be hooked on fishing!  Whether it’s live bait and bobber, casting and retrieving a lure or letting your bait sink to the bottom, when you get your first bite from a fish you’ll love it!  Fun Time Fishing

Everyone’s experience is different.

Ok, so you can tell by now I love fishing.  Each person has a different experience when they go fishing but it really should be fun.  If you have kids, consider taking them out to the lake or pond.  Try fishing with them, see how it goes.  If you don’t have fun, at least you spent some quality time with your family.

Let me know what some of your favorite fishing memories are.  Contact Me at

Until next time.

Gone Fishing!

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