Bass Fishing Tips |How I Caught The Big One

Delaware RiverI have loved fishing ever since I was a kid. Now I love giving Bass fishing tips to my kids.   Really I just like fishing with my kids. And when they ask for advise it’s even better!  So here are a few tips that I used the last time I went fishing to help my son catch the “big one”.

  1.   If you’re catching small fish use bigger bait.

Spinner Bait Iwas fishing with my kids a couple weeks ago and we were catching some really small bass and a few sun fish and Crappie. I was using one of my favorite lures, a small spinner. So I thought if my smaller spinner is catching small fish why not try a larger spinner bait.  So I switched my lure out to a larger spinner bait and after a few casts I finally had a good size Bass.


2. Consider the depth of the water.

bank fishingPay attention to drop offs and try to cast over them so you are pulling your bait through them  Allow your lure to sink into it and reel it up close to the edge of the drop off.  Many times bass will build their habitat on the edge of a drop off.  Especially in small ponds.  When that bait it pulled through there many times they will hit it right near the edge.


3.  Fish near the weeds

After much frustration I was finally able to help my son catch his prize Bass.  I showed him how to fish close to the weeds.  Pay attention to where the weeds are growing.  Look for clear spots near the weeds.  Also look for places where the water is darker.  Try to cast your bait in such a way that you are able to feel it in through the darker waters and right next to the weed line.  Try to stay out of the weeds if you are using an open hook spinner bait as it will get caught in the weeds.
Using these tips helped me and my kids land a few fish the last time we went out.  I love to hear from my readers, so if you have any tips please leave a comment below.