Bass And Crappie Fishing

Take Me FishingIf you are anything like me you love to fish for Bass and Crappie.  Who doesn’t love the fight a big bass gives you?  And once you find the crappie it seems you just keep catching them.  On this site I’m going to share some of the techniques and lures I use to catch bass and crappie.  Also, we’ll take a look at what the pros are using.

You have probably been out to the water and spent hours trying to catch that prize bass only to go home with nothing.  We have all been there.

I hate going home with nothing!

You know you don’t have to be an expert angler to find those big bass.  Many times they are right there waiting for you.  I’ve learned some of the “hot spots” to look for on the water and what type of lure to use.  Sometimes it’s the time of day, the weather or just the color that you are using that makes all the difference.  My favorite bass lures are spinner baits.  I’ve had a lot of luck with them.  For crappie I like the rooster tails.  They are probably my all-time favorite.

I’ve also tried all kinds of different baits.  Some with good results and others with nada.  I’d love to hear some your your experiences.  Feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to respond.