Places To Fish In Tulsa – Look What I Found!

Yesterday was my day off so I decided to look for some places to fish in Tulsa.  I live in Tulsa, OK so I’m always looking for a good place to go fishing.  I know there are some nearby lakes but I wanted to see if there was anything local I could take my kids […]

How to choose a fishing rod; My personal choice

What type of fish do you want to catch? It can be difficult to decide how to choose a fishing rod.  The first thing I would consider is what type of fish do you want to catch.  I like to use a fishing rod that is medium weight.  This way it is flexible enough for […]

How To Catch Catfish From The Bank|3 Tips To Land The Big One

To me fishing from the bank is ideal for catching catfish. It’s a little different if you are talking about how to catch catfish from the bank of a river, or the bank of a lake.  In a river you will need to have much heavier weights to keep your bait in place.  In the […]

Live To Fish

I know it’s a little dramatic to say live to fish.  No one actually does live to fish do they?  Many people love to fish like I do, but few actually live to fish.  I have a friend who fishes more than anyone I know.  I think he might actually die if he was told […]

Take Me Fishing

If you have been reading my site you know by now I have been fishing all my life.  The phrase “take me fishing” is one that I remember saying over and over again as a young man.  Now that I’m older, I here my kids saying, “take me fishing”.  Well, it is usually, “Daddy, can […]

The Best Bass Fishing Lures

The Best Bass Fishing Lures

I love to bass fish.  However, if you are going to catch anything you have to have the best bass fishing lures.  The best lures can be hard to find.  I have used worms, spoons, spinners, top-water plugs, deep-water minnows and others.  The best bass lures really depend on the water, the time of year […]